Matriculate [verb]

Definition of Matriculate:

begin, enroll

Synonyms of Matriculate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Matriculate:

Sentence/Example of Matriculate:

Subsequently, I learnt that this was the third year he had vainly attempted to matriculate.

He has to matriculate this year, it's frightfully difficult.

You have made up your mind immediately you matriculate at her Universities.

I had presently to arrange a holiday and go to London to matriculate, and so it was I came upon my aunt and uncle again.

He leaves home provided with his ordinary apparel, which he is compelled to abandon, on becoming a matriculate.

But a large number of the young men who are sent up to matriculate at Oxford are not up to an academic standard.

Men must often be taught in the stern school of Experience, before they can matriculate in the reasonable college of Wisdom.

His blue eyes sparkling like opals in their ardor, looked down upon her with a tenderness too ineffable to matriculate.

We may matriculate, And graduate—if we can, but he excludes Us from the beaten path he takes himself.

Some one of all these feats must needs have been performed, ere the “greenhorn” can matriculate and take rank as a “mountain man.”