May [verb]

Definition of May:

grant permission

Synonyms of May:

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Sentence/Example of May:

His attitude was somewhat devil-may-care, his grip on life itself seemed slipping.

In certain moods he possessed that dash and devil-may-care air which pleases most women, providing the man is a cosmopolitan.

I recollect your 'May-day in the morning'—cuss me, the best comick song I ever heard.

On dark cold windy days, during the May-fly season you will find the small fly a much better killer than the May-fly.

May-be you expected to have a china bowl and pitcher in your room, and somebody to empty your slop.

From the tincture of the root (rhizomes) of may-apple (Podophyllum peltatum).

Or, maybe I'd been thinking already—what with their May-game hints and the loneliness out there.

It is not enough to-day to paint the gay impropriety of models and the devil-may-care penury of lighthearted artists.

Run and see, girl; may-be it's the docthor back again; only mostly he don't mind knocking much.

The devil-may-care spirit of the troops brought to Shermans mind grave thoughts of his own responsibility.