Minimizes [verb]

Definition of Minimizes:

make smaller; underrate

Opposite/Antonyms of Minimizes:

Sentence/Example of Minimizes:

I would rather exaggerate than minimize my own shortcomings to you to-night.

Carmody did not attempt to minimize the seriousness of the opposition.

At least, we may take counsel how far we can minimize this hideous scandal.

What I always say, dear boy: minimize the risk of failure—eh?'

But he meant at least to minimize it, and certainly not to let himself be captured alive.

They couldn't prevent advance warning, but they could delay and minimize it.

The legs should be tipped with rubber in order to minimize the noise.

What positions may be chosen and formations adopted to minimize our own losses?

I magnify the immediate desire and minimize the ultimate goal.

The student of human society cannot minimize the importance of race heredity.