Molding [noun]

Definition of Molding:

a molded or carved strip

Synonyms of Molding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Molding:


Sentence/Example of Molding:

It was simply a coppery glow, marvelously delicate, molding her face.

You might touch the clay that a sculptor is molding and make it elastic.

This is also surmounted by an overhanging cap and a molding.

It is a type of molding which should not be used with any other pronounced type of molding.

Her hands lightly caught the molding on either side of the door.

And I found that the forces of the firmament were molding my orbit also.

The following is the itemized actual cost of molding and sinking a 26-ft.

When molding small slabs an average of 12 were made per day.

The pipes were left in the forms till the morning of the day after molding.

The labor cost of molding and curing per block was thus 2.87 cts.