Mustache [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Mustache:

“Maybe it means having a mustache,” said Carl, with a slight flush.

That has something to do with it certainly, but Mrs. Flynn has a mustache, and she is not a man.

You had a mustache then and your name was diff'rent, but you seemed familiar just the same.

Swan pushed back from the table, wringing the coffee from his mustache.

His hair and mustache were coal black; they are a motley gray.

He pulled his mustache and ran his fingers through his hair.

His hair and mustache were of the same grey, and very bushy.

It was the Baron, his mustache bristlin' out like a bottle-cleaner, and blood in his eye.

Sir Archie's hand went to his mustache to cover the quiver of his lips.

He arose with the blood streaming from beneath his mustache.