Napery [noun]

Definition of Napery:

table coverings

Synonyms of Napery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Napery:


Sentence/Example of Napery:

Thora is busy about her napery––the finest of Irish linen and damask.

But there was bedding and napery, and no one thought of levying on friends.

Its crockery and atmosphere were thick; its soup and napery thin.

The deal table was graced by no cloth or napery of any kind.

I need not add that nap, napery, was a common word for linen.

The display of napery and table linen was most ample; and why not?

I have just my health and napery and a liking for the chap, and I wish I wasn't near so red.

From the year 1756 the weavers of napery were abandoned to their fate by the House of Commons.

Drawers were sweet with napery laid in lavender and rose leaves.

And the silver, cut glass, napery, and all were as rich as Sue had ever seen.