Nocturnal [adjective]

Definition of Nocturnal:

happening at night

Synonyms of Nocturnal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nocturnal:


Sentence/Example of Nocturnal:

Wretched about one son, he was dismayed at the nocturnal visit of the other.

It was nocturnal in its habits, and somewhat addicted to dancing and the theft of children.

Do not they sometimes favour the world with these nocturnal shriekings?

Have you come to pay us a nocturnal visit, or—there's nothing the matter?

But Vose was not yet through with his nocturnal experiences.

Coupled with this was a restlessness and a habit of nocturnal prowling.

They infest desert places, and are nocturnal in their habits.

My companion pointed it out to me as the end of our nocturnal walk.

Or was there, possibly, some deeper meaning in this nocturnal journey?

But all to no purpose; it still continued its nocturnal peregrinations.