Nope [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Nope:

“Nope,” replied the other, settling himself on a saddle-tree.

Nope, Zenobia wouldn't; anyway, not until she had more facts to go on.

"Nope, I didn't fight with 'im, Andy," she smiled through her tears.

Nope—not that way,” he muttered grimly, “but with my two hands.

Nope, I was too anxious—hurried too much on the settings of the slow verniers.

"Nope, that was in Colorado Springs," Pop said with finality.

"Nope; got lots of 'em, an' they're all genuine Colts," he mused thoughtfully.

Nope, its all right, he called, in a sort of disappointed tone.

"Nope," said Betts, at whom the remark seemed to be directed, with a gulp.

It was some time before Badger spoke, an then he said: Nope, I cant do it.