Offshore [adjective]

Definition of Offshore:

away from the shoreline

Synonyms of Offshore:

Opposite/Antonyms of Offshore:

Sentence/Example of Offshore:

The shampooer's whistles drifted out on the offshore breeze.

The wind was offshore, and by the morning I was out of sight of the French coast.

It made no more impression upon him than if he had been an offshore buoy.

It is important also just offshore from Audierne, Douarnenez, and Camaret.

Our protective oceans mean that likely conflict is offshore.

Thousands of ships and barges and warcraft lay in the harbor or offshore.

Through the night they drifted, the current keeping them just offshore.

Offshore lay the fruit steamer Andador, of the Vesuvius line, full-laden and scheduled to sail at six in the morning.

For this purpose, he decided to set up headquarters on an island just offshore in the Great Bay.

An offshore stock may be found year-round in the Labrador Sea.