Perversely [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Perversely:

Perversely, he and Alice did not take to each other in the way Mrs. Yorke had hoped.

Perversely, he hated it for healing, and he poked it viciously to feel it throb.

Perversely he frowned, as if the thing increased his pain, annoyed him beyond words.

Perversely, they persisted in huddling in close, tight clusters, as though drawn together by a gravitation of common discomfort.

Perversely, ever since the advent of his keen young disciple, he himself had been less keen.

Perversely, since he seemed bent on rejecting my reward, I became anxious to press it upon him.

Perversely I continue to be the subject of contradictory and conflicting moods impossible to understand and difficult to describe.

Perversely it made August think of Emmy, his wife, and acute dread touched him at the mockery of her wasting despair.

Perversely enough, whilst Ora's husband was a commonplace though intelligent attorney, Ora was married to a Montana mine-owner.

Perversely enough, they had been drawn together by the very attraction of dissimilarity.