Pore [noun]

Definition of Pore:

small aperture in skin

Synonyms of Pore:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pore:


Sentence/Example of Pore:

Well, you may; you can take your books to the library, and have a long evening to pore over them.

I sank upon the steps; every pore in my body was a fountain of cold sweat: "Have whom?"

Perspiring from every pore, we labour manfully on to the bitter end.

In each group the spores are borne on the lining of the pore.

"Let me put the pore thing to bed; she's allus used to me," said the woman piteously.

If I tyke it I want to feel it is syme as my very own and do my dooty by it, pore thing!

It brikes my 'eart to think it; but it made such a n'ise, pore darling!

He was breathing hard and sweating at every pore, but still grim and defiant.

A bloody sweat, oozing from every pore, crimsoned his bed-clothes.

Waal, all I can say is: God help them pore sheepmen if you ever git on their trail.