Prig [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Prig:

It shows you are not yet the prig you would have folks believe.

I wish to God talking like this didn't make a fellow feel like a prig!

I hope I am not a prig, and, whatever I am or am not, priggishness had no part in my feelings then.

How came so sweet a blossom to waste her perfumes on such a prig?

But a man who can feel horror at such a thing as this is a prig in religion.

But then his wife is a prig too, and I do not see why they should not suit each other.

There was not to be found among them what in England is known as a prig.

Conscious superiority is the note of the prig; and we have the right to dread it.

But the precocious Adams had only a little of the prig and nothing of the hypocrite in his nature.

Oh, I dare say they'd make a good team,—one's a prude and the other a prig.