Proctor [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Proctor:

He ducked a proctor in a water-butt and the dons were very cross about it.

To explain his hurried departure, Proctor told what called him away.

"Her maid has just seen you, sir," suggested Proctor, mildly.

Yet Mr Proctor was not lulled into incaution by this seeming calm.

She did not look very ill to Mr Proctor's inexperienced eyes.

All the eyes round the table were fixed on Mr. Proctor in an instant.

"That is for your choice, Miss Harold," observed Mr. Proctor.

Mr. Proctor came down this morning as Hugh was catching Harry in the passage.

But Mr. Proctor hated secrets, and, as we see, let it out immediately.

"Then you can get Mr. Tooke to tell you about Phil, if you want nothing else," said Mr. Proctor.