Pulpit [noun]

Definition of Pulpit:

structure from which sermon is given

Synonyms of Pulpit:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pulpit:


Sentence/Example of Pulpit:

There was a large platform, with chairs upon it, but no pulpit or reading-desk.

Having ascended the pulpit, Father Massias did not at once speak.

The idea of Turkey wagging his head in a pulpit made me laugh.

And yet this old man in the pulpit called it a place where you went to rest!

Then I should never have had to encounter the damnable snares of the pulpit!

When I got into the pulpit I thought I could not remember the number of the verse of my text.

My father was as meek, and pious, and humble a Christian as ever thumped a pulpit.

A sad-looking monk had ascended the pulpit, and was beginning to preach.

Some one, apparently, had been pelting the pulpit with them.

From the pulpit a sheet of gloom projected to the rafters of the ceiling.