Queen [noun]

Definition of Queen:

female monarch

Synonyms of Queen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Queen:


Sentence/Example of Queen:

They told the story of a queen who had lived to be eighty-two years old.

On the 24th of May we determined to celebrate the Queen's birthday.

Were I to be queen of the universe, that dignity should not absolve me from my duty to you and to my father.

And she stood alert at the side of the road, looking at Andrew like a queen.

The prince and princess are hailed and received at the castle as king and queen.

Fifty years before Queen Victoria had ascended the throne of England.

He concluded by formally moving the presentation of the address to the Queen.

The bill passed, and received the approval of the Queen, August 1, 1870.

The principal toast, proposed by Mr. Gladstone, was the Queen.

In 1642 Queen Henrietta Maria landed on whatever quay then existed.