Empress [noun]

Definition of Empress:

female ruler

Synonyms of Empress:

Opposite/Antonyms of Empress:


Sentence/Example of Empress:

Every word that now fell from the agitated Empress was balm to the affrighted nerves of her daughter.

The first rail road opened in Brazil, the emperor and empress being present at the inauguration.

Not suspecting her motive, he represented the hazard of putting so great an affront on the favourite of the Empress.

Louis was not less astonished at this charge, than the Empress had been at the communication which aroused it.

During this defence, the Empress frequently shook her head; and when it was finished, she rose from her chair.

How would the involuntary accusation have been embittered, had he known that the Empress drew the same conclusion!

Events prove that you have done right with regard to the Empress's friend, if she is now your wife.

The Empress's hand was on her beating forehead, but she turned, even fiercely to his question.

The Empress had shewn herself too entirely prejudiced, to have been affected by any document he could have presented.

After his death she was proclaimed sovereign empress of all the Russias, and showed herself worthy of her high fortune.