Princess [noun]

Definition of Princess:

person who has great power, many possessions

Synonyms of Princess:

Opposite/Antonyms of Princess:


Sentence/Example of Princess:

The prince and princess are hailed and received at the castle as king and queen.

Two puppies were carried in a basket, one of which the Princess accepted as a gift.

A long telegram from the Princess of Wales concluded: "I am praying for you."

"The wild tribes heard of it, and brought us word," said the Princess.

The Princess and her women lost themselves in the shadowy wood.

"It was the end of Mobila and the true end of the expedition," said the Princess.

"Whatever she saw she did her best to prevent," said the Princess.

"Indians never refuse food, if they have it, even to their enemies," said the Princess.

A tame egret ruffled her white plumes at the Princess's shoulder.

The Princess smiled on the children as she came down the cypress trail.