Rebuffing [verb]

Definition of Rebuffing:

turn away; give the cold shoulder

Synonyms of Rebuffing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rebuffing:

Sentence/Example of Rebuffing:

She had no reason for rebuffing, but good reason for showing gratitude.

The art of rebuffing a man without gaucherie is not known to every woman; it is, in fact, the peculiar attribute of the well-bred.

After rebuffing him, she strangely asks him, as if she knew that he would not consent, to spread his cloak on the grass.

For a moment or two the young painter thought of refusing this present, but he was afraid of rebuffing Lise too cruelly.

In captivity such females usually took the offensive in attacking or rebuffing any other voles confined with them.

I nodded; rebuffing his attentive eyes I stuffed the envelope into my pantaloons pocket.

They raised him from the ground, and as soon as he was on his feet he went tottering off, rebuffing all attempts at assistance.

But though possessed of both, he proved one of those ill-fated beings whom failure never tires of rebuffing.

One of the females was rebuffing her suitor rather petulantly, but when he flew away she lost no time in following.

That was her excellent reason for rebuffing her husband's courtesy and setting out alone.