Refashioning [verb]

Definition of Refashioning:

alter, change

Synonyms of Refashioning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Refashioning:

Sentence/Example of Refashioning:

He may refashion institutions that may express the new in modern terms.

What it usually does is to refashion an old one, or to devote an old one to new uses.

I wish I could grasp the all in my hand and refashion it into something more perfect, more lasting, more beautiful.

On their removal from the Tower the jewels are carefully inventoried, and Heriot is set to work to refashion them.

Then, perhaps, peasant lovers will wander here and refashion their dreams of a chivalrous world.

Our wish is impotent to refashion the world; the understanding clearly shows that it indeed is such a machine.

She must really, she said, begin to remodel and refashion some of her many silks and satins for the approaching season.

Can it be that the morn shall fulfil My dream, and refashion our clay As the poet may fashion his rhyme?

There the former tried to refashion the work of many months--two hundred pages of a novel which the flames destroyed.

It does not seek to refashion the State or to aid in its evolution toward social democracy.