Refrained [verb]

Definition of Refrained:

do without; keep from doing

Synonyms of Refrained:

Opposite/Antonyms of Refrained:

Sentence/Example of Refrained:

They refrained from going to the bottom of facts and motives.

The two women were rather startled, but refrained from all protestation.

Ah, when I think that I once raised my revolver to shoot you and refrained!

Impatient to glance behind, she only refrained for prudential reasons.

Brazzier was quick to comprehend the situation, and he refrained.

I refrained from expressing my abhorrence of that licentious doctrine because of my curiosity.

And his mother and aunt, perceiving that he was in earnest, refrained from comment.

However, with the aid of his natural diffidence he refrained from doing so.

She refrained from mentioning the fact that it was her only source of income.

A great curiosity was depicted on her face, but she refrained from pressing him with questions.