Reintroduce [verb]

Definition of Reintroduce:

introduce anew

Synonyms of Reintroduce:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reintroduce:


Sentence/Example of Reintroduce:

"I must reintroduce myself formally, I see," quoth the stranger.

Come this way: there is one person I must reintroduce you to; thank me for it hereafter.

"I must reintroduce myself, formally, I see," quoth the stranger.

He did much to reintroduce the ministry of women as deaconesses.

I cried; 'and now you will take me in and reintroduce me to your charming wife.'

This was an attempt to reintroduce the ancient Greek musical system.

They only proposed to reintroduce cigar and cigarette smoking.

I like to think that some day in Elysium I shall—not without diffidence—approach those two and reintroduce myself.

I wish to reintroduce Ariadne to you and let her explain some of the wonders of their teaching, she being herself a teacher.

If, indeed, we accept this argument, we ought to reintroduce the mediæval girdle of chastity.