Repurchase [verb]

Definition of Repurchase:

pay blackmail money for return of possession or person

Synonyms of Repurchase:

Opposite/Antonyms of Repurchase:

Sentence/Example of Repurchase:

He will repurchase the Hotel de Sairmeuse, and furnish it magnificently.

This was prevented only by repurchase of their stock at very high prices.

She had always been able to repurchase the friendship of her friends.

He knew now what Fairfax meant by the repurchase of his miserable youth.

The landlord is enabled to sell his demesne, and repurchase it at a profit.

The workingman cannot, then, repurchase that which he has produced for his master.

He had related to M. de Fleury their history, and Mademoiselle de Merrivale's desire to repurchase them.

We must purchase them, a few at a time; the residents can repurchase from us and so become freeholders.

Offers of repurchase were made—offers of double the money that Mr. Barnum had paid for the house.

When we reached the township and he learnt this, he offered me £50 on my bargain to repurchase the teams, but I refused the offer.