Resisting [adjective]

Definition of Resisting:


Synonyms of Resisting:

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Sentence/Example of Resisting:

There was no resisting that prayer, it seemed so like the last.

It was like resisting a dumb spirit and forcing the words from my lips.

Carr hesitated, resisting the impulse to take Mado at his word.

Gently he tried to pry their resisting hands away from hers.

You will scarcely think of resisting a king's officer in British waters!

Here the victim is absolutely without will, and incapable of resisting.

Why should he spoil his life of egotistical pleasure by resisting that mad creature?

If they imprison you for resisting their tyrannies, others will take your place.

Yet, resisting those convictions, he cried out that she was at fault.

Once, years ago, I was on the point of resisting your mother.