Revoked [verb]

Definition of Revoked:

take back; cancel

Synonyms of Revoked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Revoked:

Sentence/Example of Revoked:

Yes, but their order, as long as it is not revoked, enjoins them to stop before the prison.

This stipulation was revoked by the Peace of Versailles, in 1783.

Orders were already given to that purpose, but were revoked.

The one made to Jalisco has never been revoked, and it holds good to-day.

The Will, nevertheless, was not revoked nor altered in this particular.

All permits to see the prisoner had been revoked at sundown, the fellow said.

His license to operate a theatrical agency was revoked by the state.

The absurdity and injustice were flagrant, and it was revoked.

His reforms, one and all, had to be revoked for the present.

The bulls for Bishop Bouchier's translation from Worcester were revoked.