Scaling [verb]

Definition of Scaling:

ascend, climb

Synonyms of Scaling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scaling:

Sentence/Example of Scaling:

Scaling his lookout crag, he surveyed the country below him.

I succeeded by means of the rubbish heap in scaling the wall.

We have neither cannon to blow down the walls, nor means of scaling them.

To his joy, he had discovered that there was a possibility of scaling it.

He sought for some means of scaling the cliff, but found none.

Once tasted, the next step is like to be the scaling of the wall.

His remaining works are much injured by scaling or the abrasion of the colors.

When a wall is too high one does not even think of scaling it.

I could have no use for the gun, and it would hinder me in scaling the cliffs.

It was his tracks, then, I had observed while scaling the cliff!