Scorpion [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Scorpion:

May the words of love I've spoke be changed to scorpion stings!

The man gave them a scorpion and said: “Put it behind the hearth in the kitchen.”

Near the left hand ports; a little "north," lay the Scorpion.

But if she saw a scorpion walking about in the fields, she would not kill it as we should.

The star ι Libræ is about 20° northwest of Antares in the Scorpion.

The scorpion leaves his dark den at night and sets out on the hunt.

If you ask me how it came to be called 'Scorpion Cove,' I will tell you.

The children thought it was rather fun, except when a scorpion stung them.

If I do, and get something inside, it will probably be a scorpion.

Would it be wise, like the scorpion, to sting ourselves to death?