Scowls [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Scowls:

In the rear I saw him light his pipe and puff and scowl in a puzzled way.

His ruddy English face was knotted in a scowl and his blue eyes were dark.

Deeper came the line between his brows at that, and blacker grew the scowl.

Yet at the mention of her name a scowl darkened his ponderous countenance.

The scowl faded from his face to be replaced by an expression of dismay.

O'Malley was looking down at him, his homely face twisted into a scowl.

“All great men profess to scowl at flattery,” thought Straws.

The deputy looked at him with 131 a scowl in which there was a mixture of curiosity.

He must have some soft emotions, she thought, behind the scowl.

She was conscious of but one desire: that he would not scowl so.