Semantics [noun]

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He could express it in the semantics of spiritism, or he could admit to witchcraft and sorcery.

(e) Semantics, which teaches us the meanings of words and forms.

Our teleprobes may leave something to be desired in the matter of semantics.

He'd had a course of semantics in college and could see no relationship.

Take your pick; those were the only two systems of semantics which had been built up through the ages.

There is too the study of semantics—the science of meanings as distinguished from phonetics, the science of sound.

In a way, this threefold sequence shows how syntax is enveloped in semantics, and both in the pragmatics that determines them.

In classifying the biotic associates of cockroaches, we were immediately confronted with a problem in semantics.

As to whether he was a really deep thinker, or just one who liked to play with logic and semantics, Tom did not know.

Yes, sir; on this document 5066, it indicates—and this too is a matter of semantics, I am thinking.