Senator [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Senator:

The senator breathed the word deep in his throat and fell silent.

She no longer feared the senator, but she refused to speculate upon what Chip might do.

"I do like young people to have a healthy appetite," said the Senator.

I was not surprised, then, to hear him referred to as the "Senator."

Senator Ruy Barbosa has justly interpreted the meaning of my visit.

"Senator Palomba," said Felice's sepulchral voice from the door.

Senator said tactfully, "After all, Doctor Wilson would like you to see his project."

The second man, addressed as Senator, was bulkier, grey suited and pompous.

Then he said: 'There was to have been a piano here, and a senator to introduce me.

Senator John Sherman did at one time introduce a bill for this purpose.