Sensuousness [noun]

Definition of Sensuousness:

sensuous state

Synonyms of Sensuousness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sensuousness:


Sentence/Example of Sensuousness:

This work is marked, to an unusual extent, with a sensuousness of color.

For an object to be called sublime it must be in opposition with our sensuousness.

But sensuousness and lawlessness are everywhere the stamp of the Ishmaelite.

The sense of the tragic increases and declines with sensuousness.

He knows the emerald route, and all the semitones of sensuousness.

The first is the desire to gratify the senses, sensuousness.

Her blood-red lips expressed at once wickedness and sensuousness.

Hence its sensuousness is tempered, refined, saddened by philosophy.

He had trifled with her sensuousness, and to say that he was too young for blame was cowardly.

Longhi's portrait, unlike that of Goldoni, betrays no sensuousness.