Shaman [noun]

Definition of Shaman:

religious specialist

Synonyms of Shaman:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shaman:


Sentence/Example of Shaman:

He had never forgiven the Shaman, you see, for that old story about the Corn Maiden.

She put on her Shaman's dress and about the middle of the day the Cacique of the Sun sent for them.

I had the power of a Shaman, though the Holder of the Heavens had not yet spoken to me.

He was older than I, but he was also fat, and for all his Shaman's dress I was not frightened.

Thus the Shaman planned before the start was made for Midas.

All this, and a great deal more, passed through the mind of the shaman.

In the igloo of the shaman, or medicine man, however, it was different.

This struggle has been going on from the time of the "shaman" to the present moment.

A blank is left for the name and clan of the victim, and is filled in by the shaman.

Two-thirds of the methods of the shaman, the witch-doctor, the medicine-man, were psychic.