Smarter [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Smarter:

And the more I hinted at how wonderful I thought she was the smarter she began to think I was.

But even in those days as a callow, trusting youth, he'd been smarter than Boswell.

He paused for some time, and then slowly said, "Well, I'll not deny they are smarter."

They are infinitely readier, smarter, and wittier than Englishmen.

"Yes, and smarter yet for Elmer to discover the impression, and read it," declared Chatz.

He may be smarter than a turtle, and remember how he pushed in.

"Simon's smarter 'n anybody," little Eliza declared in reply.

He's smarter 'n you nor me, 'n he's smarter 'n David an' Goliath, 'n he's my Simon!

"Maybe you think you're smart, but you'll find that we are smarter," added a third.

You lost your money jest because you thought you was smarter than he was.