Smartness [noun]

Definition of Smartness:


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Opposite/Antonyms of Smartness:

Sentence/Example of Smartness:

To her, the blaze of the Set's smartness was but the flicker of a penny dip.

His courtesy, his smartness, his anecdotes, his reminiscences were all Boredom.

He was dressed, however, with some pretensions to smartness.

He made as if I had deafened him with protestations of my smartness and willingness.

Some fellows used to say there was no one like you for smartness—but you never took me in.

He has done that job outside very smartly—damn his smartness!

But Justin's thoughts were not of her "smartness" but of her pathetic loveliness.

Then Willie up and boasted of your smartness down at the railroad.

The alleged father stood there, chuckling over the smartness of his progeny.

If it is not destined, neither wisdom nor strength nor smartness are of any avail.