Smuggling [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Smuggling:

This signal was soon answered, and then it was look out for the smuggling boats!

It was said that he had made a good deal of money by smuggling goods into the States.

I wish to know, Captain Ducie, if you have anything to say to this ship in the way of smuggling?

Or because I was dangerous, prying into their smuggling activities.

He was very poor—few of the Basques are rich—and he was in danger because of the smuggling.

Is there no sort of possibility of a person like me smuggling in?

Now there can be no doubt that there was smuggling in the colony, even in Boston itself.

The smuggling of a few guns was no great crime, he pointed out.

De Boer, using it for smuggling, with Perona and Spawn as partners.

“He ought to be grateful to me for putting him on the track of the smuggling,” said Godfrey.