Solvency [noun]

Definition of Solvency:

financial competence

Synonyms of Solvency:

Opposite/Antonyms of Solvency:


Sentence/Example of Solvency:

With him, as with the average Frenchman, solvency was an eleventh commandment.

Thereby the solvency of the German exchequer would be moderately insured.

To discredit one is to injure his reputation, as for veracity or solvency.

Not merely the home was in danger, but Tom's position and career, also Tom's solvency.

One could not be mistaken about the gesture: he had his doubts about my solvency.

Had doubts about his sanity, and still greater about his solvency.

My check had been honored, then, and Bockstein had assured himself of my solvency.

The laws of nature are the expression of the infinite soundness and solvency.

The liberty of the State, like its solvency, concerns and affects all its citizens.

Any and every thing we commandeered to help maintain our solvency.