Stair [noun]

Definition of Stair:

one level of stairs

Synonyms of Stair:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stair:


Sentence/Example of Stair:

I then remembered that I had passed a door on the stair, and went back to try it.

Probably then the stair and the room below had been an arrangement for the musicians.

Going higher yet, till she all but reached the roof, the stair brought her to a door.

The major took him again, and carried him up the stair—so thin and light was he.

Hester turned and went down the stair, now on her part a little angry.

And the professor turned toward the stair, but paused at the bottom step.

With the other cup still in his hand, he made his way to the stair.

Expecting to find a stair at the other end of the gallery, she sought for it, but there was none.

Placing the telegram in his pocket, he hurried down the stair and out to the street.

But Jeanie, my Jeanie—she's no lyin' there, For she's up and awa' up the angels' stair.