Summer [noun]

Definition of Summer:

hot season of the year

Synonyms of Summer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Summer:


Sentence/Example of Summer:

Then for the summer we'll go to Newport, and when we come back from there we'll take a house.

Connecticut supplies all summer resorts with the finest Havana segars.

It was well that it was a summer night, for lodgings there were none.

And here it was that the summer began its game with their hearts.

And what are the haughtiest of us, but the ephemeral aristocrats of a summer's day?

After their return in the summer he began to write his book, The Social Order.

It was on a summer's evening, when the windows of the church were open.

The still summer air was heavy with the resinous smell of the great forest.

I have seen a stronger fortalice carried in a summer evening.

All the joy had gone out of the summer night for him, poor lad.