Superimposing [verb]

Definition of Superimposing:

lay over something else

Synonyms of Superimposing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Superimposing:


Sentence/Example of Superimposing:

It is a desire to superimpose my own will upon another person.

We give him the vowels in wood, painted red, and have him superimpose these upon the letters painted on the card.

Plotinus very properly said that the proper thing to do was to superimpose the idea upon the actual.

She has an excellent actual in the West African native to superimpose her idea upon.

If we superimpose or combine these two squares, we get the arrangement of Diagram 3, which is one solution.

For the latter it is only necessary to cut the long rectangle in half and superimpose the two halves.

The next step is to superimpose the little cards on the first chart of the tens series, having the resultant numbers read aloud.