Swami [noun]

Definition of Swami:

religious teacher

Synonyms of Swami:

Opposite/Antonyms of Swami:

Sentence/Example of Swami:

And you knew, right away, that Swami was a phony from Flatbush.

The Swami seemed to sense the impatience, or it might have been coincidence.

This was probably not typical of the Swami's usual audience composition.

The Swami was an obvious phony of the baldest fakery, yet he had something.

"Float me over that ash tray there on the desk," I said casually to the Swami.

I sat down at the opposite side of the table from the Swami.

If the Swami were willing, she could provide a large and ready-made audience for him.

Yes, the Swami was ranting and raving about leaving Los Angeles at once.

The Swami made a determined effort to recapture the spotlight.

But the Swami was staring at the cylinders first in fascination, then fear, then in horror.