Thanksgivings [noun]

Definition of Thanksgivings:


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Sentence/Example of Thanksgivings:

Christmas and Thanksgiving boxes can always be sent on time to reach you.

Arms and the clarion for the battle, but the song of thanksgiving to the victory!

The store had its market, also, at Thanksgiving time, and she bargained for a turkey.

Continue steadfastly in prayer, watching therein with thanksgiving.

But he was not a man to waste his time in thanksgiving for what had just happened to him.

Steve would be there, though he would not come until Thanksgiving Day itself.

Uncle Sam don't need you so hard that he can't let you have an hour or so off on Thanksgiving Day.

Pete's address was here punctuated by loud cries of thanksgiving.

I could have fallen on my knees in a prayer of thanksgiving had my surroundings been other than they were.

But from Fenzileh came no response to his prayer of thanksgiving.