Tobacco [noun]

Definition of Tobacco:

smoking substance

Synonyms of Tobacco:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tobacco:


Sentence/Example of Tobacco:

And now came the planters of Virginia, bringing their crops of tobacco.

Chip gurgled again, and drew the tobacco sack shut with his teeth.

Then he said, meekly, "Does your mother object to tobacco smoke, ma'am?"

Then with a sigh of satisfaction, he fumbled for his pipe and tobacco, and looked about him.

For all indulgence in wine and coffee and tobacco you will have a bill to pay.

Then it must be your honour that will give me the tea, and her ladyship that will give me the tobacco?

In his excitement the dominie had snapped the stem of his tobacco pipe in two.

And aren't we to have the pipes and tobacco, after coming so far to-night?

A large boat then came off to us, and we filled her with tobacco the same evening.

"Indeed, yes," I chanted, finding my pipe and tobacco pouch.