Toe [noun]

Definition of Toe:

foot part

Synonyms of Toe:

Opposite/Antonyms of Toe:


Sentence/Example of Toe:

He knew that make of gun from toe to foresight; he could assemble it in the dark.

The Little Doctor stopped the hammock with her toe and sat up.

"I see," said Peter, deeply interested in the toe of his shoe.

When there is a Point at the end of the sinking Mark, it shews, that the Toe must be bent downwards.

He picked up the bridle-reins, caught the saddle-horn, and thrust his toe into the stirrup.

Kirkwood stirred the body with his toe, but the man made no sign.

I closed them again quickly as some one approached and prodded me with the toe of his boot.

And yet--Oh, we're the best of friends, and I'm speaking now only as a friend and toe a friend.

The master with his toe helped one sprawling puppy toward him.

It is like a man's loving his own finger, or toe, before another person's.