Tortoise [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Tortoise:

I had, too, and I own it was absurd, a tortoise named Chrysagre.

The tortoise in the right road will beat a racer in the wrong.

With these words he took his tortoise on his back and went off.

Gone were the figs and almonds, the indigo, ivory, tortoise shells.

Nolens Volens tries it by a process like "Achilles and the Tortoise."

The pot-boy's movements resembled those of a tortoise in celerity.

The tortoise was patient and offered to do anything for the relief of the Queen.

The monkey caught hold of the tortoise's tail and jerked it hard.

The tortoise and the crane are always with him, for these are his pets.

“Because I could no longer bear your absence,” replied the tortoise.