Tripped [verb]

Definition of Tripped:

fall, err

Synonyms of Tripped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tripped:

Sentence/Example of Tripped:

Teresina tripped away, and Casanova nodded to himself contentedly.

Then she said to the master of the dog, 'Mr Clennam, sir,' and tripped away.

Then immediately after breakfast she tripped down the stairs into the courtyard.

The morning was very beautiful as she tripped along in the pure snow.

He tripped over the captain's favorite footstool and fell to his knees.

"Often," said Aggie, and she hummed a music-hall tune as she skipped and tripped along.

"Wait a minute—only a minute," she said, and tripped off with the swift glide of a lapwing.

Leta was looking her sweetest when she tripped into my room next morning.

She had tripped over it at the end of the passage leading from her room.

Duggan tripped the switches and heard the building hum of power.