Vents [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Vents:

In the burst of merriment, his pent feelings found their vent.

He suddenly realized the necessity of a vent for his feelings.

In what form of expression his feelings would have found a vent, it is impossible to say.

In two or three days put a bottle of brandy to every four gallons, bung it close, but leave the vent peg out a few days.

It may well be that he must vent the thing that oppressed him or be driven mad by it.

I laughed harshly and aloud, such a laugh as those in Hell may vent.

"Bid them make an end of that screeching," she snapped to vent some of her fierce petulance.

These tubes are inserted in the vent holes of the battery which is to be steamed.

The lower end of tube (e) is held over the vent hole of the cell.

Vent plugs, or caps, close up the filling or vent tubes in the covers.