Versifier [noun]

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These efforts were enough to prove his taste and gifts as a versifier.

He was the poet of pain and of despair, the versifier of Schopenhauer's philosophy.

It is the ambition of many a versifier to be known as a maker of sonnets.

Byron was also in favour, Pope he maintained was no poet, only a versifier.

Before the war, the versifier had been on the staff of a Brussels newspaper.

We should "laugh and be well," as enjoined by an old English versifier.

Let us repeat that it must not be imputed to Mistral as a fault that he is too clever a versifier.

Felinski, the translator of Delille and Racine, is considered as the most harmonious Polish versifier.

Miss Cushman is really quite as good a poet as Miss Cook, though by no means so fluent a versifier.

No versifier of the present day lends himself so readily to parody as Mr. Kipling.