Violin [noun]

Definition of Violin:

musical instrument

Synonyms of Violin:

Opposite/Antonyms of Violin:


Sentence/Example of Violin:

The lame girl who played the violin limped down the corridor into the ward.

The violin and piano are excellent, but on some accounts the hand-organ is the best of all.

I am a musician—I play the violin on a boat till I strike—so now I will get you the music.

Mr. Beckendorff had his violin in his hand, but his dress was much changed.

I almost yelled, dashing wildly into my room to wash my hands and get my violin.

Eugen was tuning his violin, when a touch on the shoulder roused me.

An elderly lady was playing the violin and directing her steps.

Was it the sound of the second violin tuning in the ante-room?

The violin in the distance had left off its saucy tune and was now silent.

Chris's hands were glued to the stick: his nerves were as tight as violin strings.