Volatilize [verb]

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The action of the fire may concentrate, but not volatilize them.

It must not be hot enough, however, to volatilize the sulfuric acid.

With this instrument he was able to fuse strontia and volatilize platinum.

Associated words: volatile, volatility, volatilize, evaporable.

It will not volatilize at a low red heat, nor will it decompose.

The treated filament was found to be a harder form of carbon that did not volatilize as rapidly as the untreated filament.

The camphor, thus incorporated with the preservative, does not volatilize so easily as when used in powder.

As a class, the metallic bromides are solids at ordinary temperatures, which fuse readily and volatilize on heating.

Do they dissolve and volatilize, and come back again into the air, so that we are breathing pins without knowing it?

The vessel is then lowered into a jacket containing vapour at a known temperature which is sufficient to volatilize the substance.