Wedlock [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Wedlock:

You ask, Why may not your brother be first engaged in wedlock?

He and wedlock never yet once entered into my head at one time.

A wench, man, and as tight a little craft as ever sailed into the port of wedlock.'

I hope when your hearts are cemented by wedlock, you will both do better.

You forgets that I've already been took in wedlock bonds by one lady.

And that it was born in wedlock twelve months before the fact was announced to us.

They accept the worries of wedlock and will never know its joys.

Well over 30% of the children born in the USA are born out of wedlock.

Beside this, it was a most perilous time for a priest to think of wedlock.

I should not like to take to wife an over-forward maiden, ready to jump at wedlock.