Wheat [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Wheat:

I watch the wife of my friend gathering poppies in the wheat.

When we got out the cargo, we found it much damaged, particularly the wheat.

The wheat which his customers brought in, was stored at the mill and ground.

There isn't a bushel of wheat in the country that isn't in the combination.

Which is the wheat and which the tares, that must be garnered or sifted from our loves?

Kate had just returned from a long morning out on the wheat land.

It was also said to the same persons, Gather the wheat into my garner.

But is there not room in the garden of delight for a wheat field?

They are locusts rather, who visit only the wheat fields of the poor.

Set it near the fire till the curd comes; fill a vat made in the form of a brick, of wheat straw or rushes sewed together.